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LinkExploder 2: rollover fireworks for your textlinks
Our most popular rollover firework has been improved and its configuration simplified! Just move your mouse over any textlink and experience a very cool explosive effect. This is not Dynamic HTML. This is Dynamite HTML. True-copy-and-paste installation and easy step-by-step configuration of colors and number of exploding pieces. Crossbrowser (works not with NN6).


Step 1: Download the zipped-file ''.

Step 2: Unzip the file '', extract the script-file 'textrolloverexploder2.js' and the gif-image 'emptypixel.gif'

Step 3: Put the script-file 'textrolloverexploder2.js' and the gif-image 'emptypixel.gif' into the same folder as your webpage.

Step 4: Open your webpage and paste the following code right above the </body> tag:

IMPORTANT: Do not paste the code into tables or <DIV> and </DIV> tags or between any other container tags!

Step 5: Open your webpage and put the red code below right into your textlinks:
<a href="" onMouseOver="startexplosion()">your textlink</a>

Step 6: Open your webpage and and configure the number and the colors of the exploding pieces on top of the script (see red sample below):
// number of exploding pieces
var debrisnumber=40
// colors of exploding pieces.You may add as many colors as you like.
var debriscolor=new Array("red","blue","FF4400","green")

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